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Mwave shop Policy Guide

Date implemented: 2015.9.1

1. Membership Registration
1) You must register using your email address in order to make purchases on Mwave or Mwave shop
- CJ ONE members and members who register using Facebook or Twitter may not make purchases

2) After registering, in order to make a purchase, a one-time user authentication is required for members residing in Korea
- When making a payment, users will be prompted to to authenticate themselves through the NICE Info system.

2. Orders, Payment
1) How to place an order
- Add the product you want to purchase to Cart, Enter your address and Make payment
- Payment methods: Choose from Paypal, Inipay
- Currency: USD (The base currency is USD. If you make a payment using a different currency, the amount will vary according to the daily exchange rate

2) Order Confirmation
- Status 1: Processing - Payment completed, Preparing items.
- Status 2: Prepared - Items on standby for shipping.
- Status 3: Complete - Shipped to customer's address. Tracking available

3) Where to check the order information?
- [Processing] and [Complete] : [My Account] - [My Orders] - Corresponding Order
- [Prepared] : Product detail page
※ Prepared status items will not appear in My Orders, you must check each item on detail page.

4) Leave a message for MEET&GREET
- You can leave a message for the artist per MEET&GREET product purchased, and it will be reflected in the mosaic page after you make the payment.
- You may not edit the message once you submit it. If you cancel the order, the message will disappear.

5) Group Orders
- If you wish to order more than 300 items, please go to [My Account] - [Help Desk] and leave your inquiry.

6) Amend Order
- Changes to an order can only be made if the order status is 'Processing.' If the order status is 'Prepared,' changes cannot be made.
- Go to [My Account] - [Help Desk] and leave any inquiries

3. Shipment
1) Shipping Costs
- Please check this detail page. Shipping Guide

2) Free shipping
- If your order is above $49.99, shipping is free
- This does not include the $2.99 Tracking fee
- Shipping and tracking is free for residents living in Korea
- From March 11th 2016, ‘Free Shipping’ applied to orders above $49.99

3) Combined shipping
- If you have many items in your Cart, the items will be shipped after all of the items have been prepared.

4) Shipping Schedule
- MEET&GREET items: When the broadcast is over, the artist will sign the amount ordered. Once all of the items are signed, delivery will begin.
- For all other items, please refer to the 'Shipping Schedule' notice.

5) What is EMS?
- EMS stands for Express Mail Service and is a special delivery service for international customers provided by the post office.

6) I bought more than free delivery minimum, but why am I being charged for shipping??
- If your order weighs over 1,900g and/or if you select EMS or Standard with Tracking, there will be additional charges. Unfortunately we cannot ship packages that weigh over 1,900g with standard shipping, and must charge for EMS.

4. Cancellations and Refunds
※ You may cancel an order or receive a refund in Mwave shop, however, your order may not be returned or exchanged. Please refer to the Glossary of Terms below.
- Cancel: Canceling an order [Before delivery begins]
- Refund: Refunding the price of an item once if the item is defective [After receipt of item]
- Exchange: Exchanging an item received for a new item because of a customer's change of heart [After receipt of item]
- Return: Sending an original item back to Mwave shop in order to exchange for a new item [After receipt of item]

1) Cancellation and Refund Policy Based on Order Status
① Processing (Payment completed. Preparing items) status
- The cancellation policy varies depending on the type of item
- If it is not a MEET&GREET item: Within 24 hours of transaction, request to cancel an order by going to My Account - Help Desk with the Order Number
- If it is a MEET&GREET item: You have until 30 minutes before the live broadcast to request to cancel an order by going to [My Account] - [Help Desk] with the Order Number
- Other rules: You may not cancel an order for a MEET&GREET item once the live broadcast begins: This is in order to prevent cancellations after the artist has read a message.

② Prepared (On standby for shipping) status
- The item is ready to ship, so the order may not be canceled.
- Exceptions to the rule: If the customer insists on canceling, after the customer pays a $3 fee per item, the customer will be refunded the remaining sum.
- The imposed fee includes the cost of packaging materials, shipping, storing and packaging services

③ Complete (Shipping) status
- The item has already shipped, so the order may not be canceled.
- Exceptions to the rule: If more than 3 months have passed, and you still have not received the item and it can't be traced, go to My Account - Help Desk and leave your inquiry. You may receive a refund after discussion.

④ Complete (After receipt of item) status
- If the item is defective (missing components, missing autograph, damaged item), you may receive a refund. However, you may not exhange/return an item due to a change of heart.
- Within 3 days, go to My Account - Help Desk and request a refund with a photo of the entire box and the item
- Mwave will bear the cost of Paypal's remittance fee
- Exceptions to the rule: If a photo is not included or the request is made after 3 days, it is not refundable.

2) Amount refunded based on type of defect
① Missing components
- Missing photo card: $2
- Missing poster: $4
- Missing autograph: $3
- Depending on the product, the amount may vary by ± $1 ~ $2

② Damaged item
- Torn item / wet / scratched / wrinkled: $3
- Depending on the product, the amount may vary by ± $1 ~ $2
※ The package or box may be slightly scratched or wrinkled during the international shipping process. If this does not have a major effect on the item's use, it is not refundable.

3) Customs
- Because customs policies vary by country, the customer must pay the applicable tax
- Mwave does not bear the tax.

5. Agreement to Policy
The customer must check 'Agree' to all of the above conditions before making an order in order to make a purchase
6. More information
For other information, please contact Customer Center: [My Account] - [Help Desk]
CS Hours: 10:00~19:00 KST (except Sunday and Korean Holiday) .