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  1. [Special Deals] OKCAT BLANKET
    Size: 100cm x 70cm
    Weight: 800g

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  2. [MEET&GREET] LU:KUS Single Album 'BREAK YA' + Official Slogan
    PRODUCT1: LU:KUS Single Album 'BREAK YA' (Signed by All Members) + Official Slogan ($19.99)
    PRODUCT2: (Album Only) LU:KUS Single Album 'BREAK YA' (Signed by All Members) ($12.99)
    PRODUCT3: (Slogan Only) LU:KUS Official Slogan ($11.99)

    From: $19.99

    To: $44.97

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  3. [MEET&GREET] Signed JJCC 2015 Special Calendar
    [Additional Information about JJCC 2015 Special Calendar] Mwave is unveiling the JJCC 2015 Special Calendar for the First Time Ever Worldwide!
    1. All-member signed copies of the calendar is available for purchase only through Mwave.
    2. This calendar includes album jacket photos of JJCC's second ditigal single 'Fire' as well as never-before-seen photos.
    3. The calendars were produced as global versions so that anyone in the world can use them.
    4. The calendar will be packaged in a special case, and the customer will be charged for the shipping and handling.

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  4. [MEET&GREET]  TEEN TOP 2015 Seasons Greetings with 'Snow Kiss'
    [Additional Information of Teen Top 2015 Season's Greeting Product]
    1. The autographed copies of Teen Top 2015 Season's Greeting is only available for purchase through Mwave's MEET&GREET worldwide.
    2. The Season's Greeting is a packaged product with Teen Top's winter album 'Snow Kiss.' In order to purchase the Season's Greeting, you must purchase at least one copy of 'Snow Kiss' album.
    3. As you will not able to edit your MEET&GREET message after a payment is finalized, please write your message to Teen Top during the payment process.
    4. All Season's Greeting products will be shipped vis EMA (Customers will be charged for Shipping and Handling)
    5. The products will be sold on January 12 until January 26, the day of the MEET&GREET broadcast.
    6. As the Season's Greeting product is in limited supply of 100, refunds and exchanges will not be made following the MEET&GREET broadcast.

    From: $14.99

    To: $70.98

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  5. [Mwave shop Exclusive] Roy Kim's Signed Bandana Set (~1/31)
    Buy Roy Kim's Signed Bandana Set only at Mwave!
    And Get Roy Kim's Selfie Polaroid Photo!
    2nd Sale: Signed Bandana Set Only ($16.99)
    Sales will be closed on January 31.

    From: $16.99

    To: $99.96

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  6. MEET&GREET 1st Anniversary : LUCKY BAG
    The item is going to be randomly chosen out of 6 options below:

      1. SM Artist's Photo Frame Large (EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, etc)

      2. K-Pop Artist's Original Photocard Large (NOT Digital Printed)

      3. K-Pop Merchandise (May include multiple quantities of the same product)

      4. Limited K-POP Artist's DVD (Limited DVD Item unavailable in the free market)

      5. Set of 3 Signed K-POP CD's

      6. Set of 5 Random K-POP CD's


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