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  1. SUS4 Official MD Package (Slogan+A4 file+Plastic Fan)
    1. SUS4 Official Slogan with Slogan Pouch 2. SUS4 A4 File (4pcs) 3. SUS4 Plastic Hand Fan *Latest MEET&GREET VOD: http://mwave.interest.me/meetgreet/view/170 This product will be shipped after August 3.

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    LIVE STREAMING: August 12, 9PM (KST)

    Limited Sale : 1,000 items only!


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  3. [Mwave Shop]  GOT7 Star Collection Card & GOT7 Card Binder

    GOT7 Star Collection Card & GOT7 Card Binder
    This product is NOT a MEET&GREET product; there will be no MEET&GREET live streaming or additional products, such as special badges, etc.

    EVENT: There is one event coupon in each pack of cards. Fill in the coupon and send it to the address stated on the coupon by October 31 (KST). 7 winners will be gifted with GOT7 members signed stage costume! (Keep in mind that these coupons need to be sent to the address by October 31 (KST))
    If you have any questions about this event please send inquiries to the email directed on the coupon. Thank you.

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    To: $61.98

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    LIVE STREAMING: June 30, 4:00 PM (KST)

    Signed ERIC NAM's digital single 'DREAM' can only be purchased through Mwave shop (Mwave exclusive product). Eric Nam will be donating all profits to a donation project in which he is currently participating.

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  5. [MEET&GREET]  Signed MBLAQ 8th Mini Album 'MIRROR'
    LIVE STREAMING: July 27, 3PM (KST)

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