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    PRODUCT: MISS A Special Package (Scheduler + Slogan + Badge Set) (FREE SHIPPING) (PRE-ORDER) ($32.99)

    1. SCHEDULER - 1p Cover + 104p total / 240*90mm
    2. Badge - 1 set of 4 types (58mm pin badge)
    3. Slogan - Glitter Slogan
    This product is on sale for PRE-ORDER only. The delivery will begin at the end of June.


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    Double-Sided MADTOWN Slogan
    SALE PERIOD : MAY 12 ~ JUNE 21.

    EVENT: Mwave shop will draw out 10 random customers among purchasers, and winners will receive signed version of the slogan!

    Here are the list of winners! Check your tracking number! (Regardless of how many items you have purchased, only 1 signed version of the slogan will be sent)

    WINNERS: 100061118, 100061288, 100061372, 100062273, 100062302, 100062541, 400003911, 300001960, 100062958, 100062977


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    PRODUCT: Signed Boyfriend 4th mini album 'Boyfriend in Wonderland' Special Package(Signed by 1 Random Member) + Badge(1 set of 7 badges) + Planner(Weekly planner) + Postcard (1 set of 9 postcards)($34.99) (FREE SHIPPING)
    RULES: Boyfriend will select 15 out of 49 tiles, selected 15 will get Boyfriend Special Badges!
    HAPPY HOUR: Signed Poster
    Top 1 Supporter: Signed Polaroid Photo of All Members + Special gift from Boyfriend
    Top 2~5 Supporters: Polaroid Photo (Signed by 1 random member)
    LIVE STREAMING: April 27 6:00PM (KST)
    Boyfriend will draw out winners for both signed CD and MD pages at the same time on April 27


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    PRODUCT: Signed Official STELLAR Slogan (Mwave Exclusive)(Signed by All Members) ($17.99)

    RULES: STELLAR will select 15 out of 49 tiles, selected 15 will get STELLAR Special Badges!

    HAPPY HOUR: 1 Polaroid Photo of 1 Member

    Top 5 Supporters:
    Top 1: 1 Large Polaroid Photo + Special Gift from STELLAR
    Top 2~5: Polaroid Photo of 1 Member

    LIVE STREAMING: April 13 5:30PM (KST)

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    Signed Official IRON Slogan
    This product will be sent after being signed by the artist.

    This product is NOT a MEET&GREET product; there will be no MEET&GREET live streaming or additional products, such as special badges, etc.

    Sale starts March 23 / Closing date will be roughly on the 4th week of April.

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  6. (~April 9) [JJCC Official MD] Signed Mouse Pad
    Sales will be closed on April 9. Please hurry!

    Mwave shop Special Deals
    JJCC Official MD - Signed Mouse Pad
    Real Autograph of All members

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