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MEET&GREET 1st Anniversary : LUCKY BAG


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Product Information

We are launching an exclusive Lucky Bag event in celebration of Mwave MEET&GREET's 1st anniversary and 100th episode! Thank you, fans, for making it happen!

Lucky Bag Event Information

  1) A limited number of 1,000 Lucky Bags will be available.

  2) All Lucky Bags will be sold at $14.99 each.

  3) Lucky Bags are composed of products ranging from $35 ~ $500.

  4) Lucky Bags may contain products that are no longer available in the retail shop.


The item is going to be randomly chosen out of 6 options below:

  1. SM Artist's Photo Frame Large (EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, etc)

  2. K-Pop Artist's Original Photocard Large (NOT Digital Printed)

  3. K-Pop Merchandise (May include multiple quantities of the same product)

  4. Limited K-POP Artist's DVD (Limited DVD Item unavailable in the free market)

  5. Set of 3 Signed K-POP CD's

6. Set of 5 Random K-POP CD's


Lucky Bag Event Guidelines

  1. Multiple Lucky Bags purchased by customers may contain identical (same) products. (When purchasing multiple Lucky Bags, we recommend our customers to make separate orders with certain interval of period to reduce the possibility of getting same items)

  2. Shipping will begin 11/20 and will continue until supplies last.

Additional Event

 Lucky Bag Unboxing Event

 Upload a video opening your Lucky Bag on 'Let's Talk -- MEET&GREET Lucky Bag Unboxing Event' for a chance to win exclusive MEET&GREET mini-blankets! 50 random uploaders will be selected to win!

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