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[Signed CD] Signed CNBLUE 2nd Regular Album '2GETHER' (Ver. A)


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CNBLUE, Come Back with Trendy Pop Rock Track, “Cinderella!”

“CNBLUE’s” Present and Future - The 2nd Full Length Album “2gether”

After one year and seven months, CNBLUE (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin), comes back with their new album titled, “2gether.”

The album title, “2gether,” combines the number “2,” which stands for their second album and the word “together,” revealing the hope that listeners can enjoy CNBLUE’s music together. The title track, “Cinderella,” composed by front man Jung Yong Hwa, stands out with its danceable pop rock identity, which is garnished with an electronic taste. The track also translates the classic story of Cinderella into a new trendy song, giving listeners another “fun” point to enjoy.

Along with the title track, “Hide and Seek,” “Rollercoaster,” “Domino,” “Hero,” “Drunken Night,” etc. are also work created by members Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun, adding onto the upgraded maturity and emotional aspect of the album.

CNBLUE, now entering their sixth year together as a band, has shown many different sides of their music. From dynamic modern rock (I’m Sorry) to emotional Brit Rock (Can’t Stop), their musical spectrum has continually grown. Now through this album, filled with trendy sound and catchy melodies, the band is out to capture the hearts of the listeners once more.

PRODUCT: Signed CNBLUE 2nd Regular Album '2GETHER' (Ver. A) (Random member signed) ($20.99)

SIZE: 160mm x 220mm (Hard cover 68p)

Mini photo card (110mm x 155mm) (1 of 4 types randomly sent)
Large photo card (50mm x 90mm) (1 of 4 types randomly sent)


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