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Signed FTISLAND 6th Album 'Where's the truth'


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PRODUCT: Signed FTISLAND 6th Album 'Where's the truth' (TRUTH VER. A) / (FALSE VER. B) (Signed by Random Members)
COMPOSITION : FTISLAND 6th Album 'Where's the truth' (TRUTH VER. A) / (FALSE VER. B)

SALES PERIOD : July 11th ~ August 5th 18:00 (KST)

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Treasure Ticket Usage Instructions (From the Management Company of FTISLAND)

Hello,This is FNC Entertainment.
Find the treasure hidden in FTISLAND’s 6th ALBUM!
Here are the instructions for the usage of the treasure ticket hidden in FTISLAND’s 6th ALBUM.

[What is a treasure ticket?]
The treasure ticket is a ticket hidden inside FTISLAND’s 6th ALBUM.
The lucky winners who find this ticket will be able to apply for the three benefits listed below.

Benefit 1) Rehearsal Visit for [The Truth] Seoul Concert Application
Apply for participation in the rehearsal visit for either the August 20th or 21st Seoul concert (first come first serve basis)
August 20th, 2016 Ticket Check) 3:30PM / Entrance) 4:00PM (100 people)
August 21st, 2016 Ticket Check) 2:30PM / Entrance) 3:00PM (100 people)

-Unlike the concert VIP tickets, this treasure ticket only includes the rehearsal visit.
-Please arrive on time for the ticket check for smooth entrance.
-Please note you will not be able to enter the venue if you arrive later than the expected entrance time.
-Please cooperate with the staff on the day of the event, and follow their instructions accordingly.

*** Limited to 100 people on a first come first serve basis for both days of the concert (participation limited to 100 people on the 20th and 100 people on the 21st )

*** Duplicate applications and/or participation not allowed

[Rehearsal Visit Application Instructions]

Date: Application allowed from July 18th until 11:59PM on July 31st (Applications will not be accepted after this date)

Application Mail: ft@fncent.com

Application Format:
- Title: [Treasure Ticket Rehearsal Visit Application]
- Content: Name / Phone Number / Treasure Ticket Number / Rehearsal Visit Date (Either the 20th or the 21st)
Winner Announcement: August 1st, 2016

[Matters that Require Attention]
- This benefit is limited to treasure ticket holders, and participation will only be allowed for those who follow the application instructions listed above.

- During the rehearsal visit event, the treasure ticket holders (Standing Zone A or B 101~) will enter AFTER the VIP ticket holders enter the venue.

- The rehearsal visit will take place 2 hours before the concert.

- Duplicate applications for both dates is not allowed, and participation is limited to 100 people on each concert date (Total of 200 participants).

- You must enter the date you wish to participate in, when applying for the rehearsal visit.

- The 100 winners for each concert date will be uploaded in order of application submission. The winners listed under odd numbers will be assigned to Standing Zone A, while the winners listed under even numbers will be assigned to Standing Zone B.

- The entrance time for the rehearsal visit is subject to change according to the circumstances day of. We appreciate your understanding.

- Please keep in mind you will not be able to enter the venue if you arrive after the entrance time.

- You will not be allowed to leave the venue during the rehearsal visit.

- Photos, videos, and other forms of recording are prohibited. Once caught, all data will be deleted immediately, and you will be asked to leave the venue.

- You will be asked to leave the venue if you fail to cooperate with the staff.

- If the personal information provided on site does not match our records (personal information received during application), entrance will be prohibited.

Benefit 2) FTISLAND 6th ALBUM Open Broadcast Entrance Free Pass
One Time Entrance Free Pass for Open Broadcast

After referring to the participation announcement for open broadcasts during the active term for FTISLAND’s 6th Album located in the STAFF NOTICE section of our official homepage, please arrive on the site of the open broadcast according to the staff arrival time listed and present your treasure ticket.
You may enter upon presenting your treasure ticket on site, without undergoing a separate application process.

[Matters that Require Attention]
- The treasure ticket is only allowed for a one time free pass to open broadcasts during FTISLAND’s active term for their 6th Album (You will not be allowed a free pass after FTISLAND completes their activities for their 6th Album).
- If more than one treasure ticket holder appears on site for one open broadcast, the staff on site will assign the entrance order for each winner.
- If you do not arrive on or before the arrival time of the STAFF, you will not be able to use the treasure ticket.

Benefit 3) Treasure Box
The treasure ticket holders who enter the treasure box raffle by following the instructions below will earn a chance to win the treasure box which includes everything of the 6th Album, “Where’s the truth.” (1 Winner)

[Treasure Box Entry Instructions]
Date: Application allowed from July 18th until 11:59PM on July 31st (Applications will not be accepted after this date)

Application Mail: ft@fncent.com
Application Format:
- Title: [Treasure Box Entry]
- Content: Name / Phone Number / Address / Treasure Ticket Image (Please take a photo of your treasure ticket so the entire ticket number is visible)
Winner Announcement: August 1st, 2016

Please apply for benefit 1, 2, 3, according to the application format and within the application date mentioned above.
Duplicate applications for all 3 benefits is allowed.
However, duplicate applications will not be accepted for the same benefit.
The event benefits are subject to change or be canceled depending on certain circumstances.

One Treasure Ticket = Benefit 1) Can apply for the rehearsal visit on the 20th only + Benefit 2) Available for one entrance free pass for open broadcasts + Benefit 3) Can enter the raffle once per treasure ticket (Can apply for all 3 benefits)

However, please note that even if you hold more than one treasure ticket, duplicate wins will not be allowed.

We look forward to your participation and support.

Thank you.


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