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[MEET&GREET] Signed UP10TION 1st Mini Album 'TOP SECRET'


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- Size : 14.5cm * 25.5cm
- 7 tracks total (Title song 'So, Dangerous' Chinese version included)
- Photo book (84p)
- 1 of 11 photo cards (1 group photo card + 10 individual member photo cards) randomly sent

UP10TION's new album 'TOP SECRET' including 84 pages of photo book and exclusive Chinese version of the title song!

Among 7 tracks of this new album, Chinese version of the title song 'So, Dangerous' is included, which can only be found in the album. Additionally, you can also enjoy 84 pages of UP10TION members' photo book which contains Q&As depicting each member's personal info and characteristics. Definitely worth possessing one!
[공지] 10월 14일 오후 5시 업텐션 MEET&GREET - 카카오TV, 유투브, 다음 tv 팟 동시 생중계
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PRODUCT: Signed UP10TION 1st Mini Album 'TOP SECRET' (All members signed) ($17.99)
RULES: UP10TION will select 15 out of 49 tiles, and selected 15 will get UP10TION photo cards (Mwave Exclusive)!

Top 5 Supporters:
Top 1: Signed wide group Polaroid photo + Special gift from UP10TION
Top 2~5: Signed mini Polaroid photo
LIVE STREAMING: October 14 5:00 PM (KST)

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