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  1. 1. Newly Designed Mwave Shop
    1. Newly Designed Mwave Shop
    Check out our newly redesigned Mwave Shop! Visit Mwave Shop with its eye-catching artist banners, organized product lists, popular products list and a section dedicated to MEET&GREET!
  2. 2. Mobile Web

    2. Mobile Web
    Now, you can use all of Mwave Shop's functions on your smart phone. With this newly-designed function, optimized for the mobile environment, you can browse and purchase Mwave Shop items from your phone.
  3. 3. Local Payment with Credit Cards Issued in Korea
    3. Local Payment with Credit Cards Issued in Korea
    The newly designed Mwave Shop allows you to purchase products with credit cards that can only be used in Korea (cards issued in Korea including check cards). Choose 'INICIS Payment Gateway' when making a payment.
    • You can also make payments thorugh your smart phone. (Only if you download INIpay Mobile App on your phone).
    • However, products that are blocked in Korea cannot be purchased with the above method.
    • Please use PayPal if you are making a payment with a credit card issued outside of Korea.